Smart Ideas For Teenage Girl’s Room

Smart Ideas For Teenage Girl’s Room

Do you know that one of the most challenging projects of interior designers is designing teenage girls’ rooms? Most people think girls are drawn to pink unicorns and yellow flowers but that’s not the case. Today, teenage girls are so diverse that you can no longer generalize them unlike before. Whether you’re a designer yourself or you simply want to design your daughter’s room it helps to know a few things.

There are girls who love to follow home designs trends, girls who have their own personal style, girls who worship social media influencers and famous celebrities, girls who love arts, girls who prefer dark and gothic designs, girls who prefer loud and bold colors and girls who prefer classic designs.

How do you know what type of design to go for?

Basically, when designing teenage girls’ rooms or any room for that matter the best way to create a design they will definitely love is to simply ask them what they want. So, the first step is to talk to the teenager and ask them what theme they want for their bedroom. If they can’t decide you can offer your options. However, since there are a gazillion possible designs you can actually narrow down your options by learning their interests and hobbies. Once you get an idea, you’ll be able to present a few designs that they may like.

When they have decided on a theme, check to see if the colors complement each other. You can offer some suggestions but ultimately their desires will precede yours. Basically, when designing the teenage girl’s room all you have to concern about is the layout, the colors and more importantly the closet.

Smart Ideas For Teenage Girl's Room

Generally, girls have a lot of things! They have clothes, shoes, jewelry, and whatnot. Therefore, the storage space is very important. If your storage space is not enough there will be clutter everywhere and that will ruin the aesthetics of the room. Closet space is also very important. Before you begin with the project have a good look at how much stuff she has in her room and ask for her opinions on what she wants to do with it.

Remember that most teenagers go to their bedroom to escape the world. It’s safe to say their bedroom is their refuge – their safe sanctuary. If it’s cluttered, messy and chaotic they won’t be able to relax and rest well instead they’ll feel agitated. Another important feature in the teenage girl’s room aside from the closet is their vanity dresser. If the space is small you can place it in between cabinets on the wall. However, make sure there are enough drawers to compartmentalize their things. Girls love makeup; jewelry, accessories and they love to collect nail polish. To keep all these stuff organized, better make sure they have separate storage spaces.

Find the right lighting fixtures to enhance the design of the room. Also, make sure the sheets will blend beautifully with the colors of the wall. All in all, designing teenage girls’ rooms albeit challenging is actually a lot of fun.

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