Looking For 2020 Home Decor Ideas For Your Home

Looking For 2020 Home Decor Ideas For Your Home

If you are going to update the look of your home make sure you’ve kept yourself abreast of the latest home décor trends. Interior design is so vast. In fact, if you create and register for a Pinterest account to look for home décor inspirations you’ll end up even more confused than ever because the site is brimming with home design inspiration ideas. Homeowners who want to do the designing themselves usually end up frustrated, confused, disappointed and upset because they can’t make up their minds. If you don’t have a specific design in mind and if you’re still confused, perhaps these 2020 home decor inspiration ideas will help you come up with your own personal style.

1 Incorporating Vintage Finds

Home décor trends come and go but vintage finds are here to stay. Regardless of the theme of your home, incorporating one or two vintage items would make excellent home accent pieces. Obviously, you don’t want to overdo it unless you want your house to look like a museum. One to two vintage items are enough to upgrade the look of your living space.

2 The Color of the Year

Do you know what’s the 2020 Pantone Color of the Year? In case you’re unaware it is classic blue in navy. Luckily, navy blue is a very versatile color and not to mention it’s also highly sophisticated. According to interior designer Kerri Kelly who is the founder of Kerrie Kelly Design Lab, navy blue has the right amount of contrast for both exteriors and interiors and it will look perfect whether you’re going for a traditional style or a modern theme.

3 Floral Wallpaper

If you’re fond of watching classical movies you’ll observe that most of their home’s wallpapers have floral designs. Well, that design is making a comeback this year. Although floral wallpaper has been around for centuries you’ll be surprised to see them in most modern homes today. Back then, floral wallpaper designs were very limited. However, today, you’ll find a wide spectrum of designs that come in various colors. Floral wallpapers are popularly used in foyers and in powder rooms. The good news about wallpaper is that they are easy to remove in case you change your mind.

4 Kitchens In Different Colors

In 2010, most if not all households joined the bandwagon of the all-white kitchen trend and while it remains a timeless design, interior designers nowadays are bolder and are shifting toward other colors and materials to give kitchens a modern look. Today, you’ll find shelves, islands and kitchen cabinets made of natural wood. Homeowners who are going for an industrial vibe have also opted to paint their kitchens with black and gray hues. Nonetheless, they all still look beautiful.

5 Paint Cabinets With Colors That Standout

If you want to keep your white kitchen go ahead. Modern day homeowners have still adopted the all-white kitchen trend but with a twist, they’ve decided to leave the walls white but painted their kitchen cabinets, base cabinets and kitchen island with their favorite colors. Interior designers love to experiment with daring colors. You can give navy blue, bright yellow, lime green or dark red a try. You can find window and door installation near me to get professional assistance for cabinets and doors ideas.

6 Kitchen Art

Do you love art? If you’ve been collecting art home decors we’re pretty sure you’ve displayed them in your living room and bedroom. In 2020, homeowners are adding pieces of artwork in their kitchen. Go ahead and give it a try.

7 Add Texture To Your Home

Home design trends in 2020 are not only concerned about color, texture is just as important. Layering textures in your choice of home decors will make a great contrast if your living space has a monochrome theme. Some homeowners are not too keen on having a lot of colors in their homes so instead of adding any more color you can just simply opt to use different textures. Add jars, blankets, cushions, and plants to bring beauty to your living rooms.

8 Love For Velvet

Let’s face it, not everyone is a fan of velvet but this year velvet is included in the 2020 home design trends. Velvet offers both comfort and luxury. The amazing thing about velvet is that furniture manufacturers are introducing various velvet design options and they come in different colors like orange, mustard, taupe, shades of blue, green and red.

Looking For 2020 Home Decor Ideas For Your Home

9 Geometric Patterns

It’s safe to say geometric patterns will never go out of style. It has been on trend for many years yet even until today you’ll see restaurants, shops and homes adopting geometric pattern interiors. In fact, they are so popular that you’ll find them on lighting fixtures, home decors, floors, art, bedding, couches, they are virtually everywhere. You can choose a specific area in your home for your geometric patterns to make a statement.

10 Colorful Backsplash

Give your kitchen a fresh new look by adding a colorful and vibrant backsplash. You can use bold colors or patterned tiles as long as they make a statement. Trust us, you will fall in love with the outcome!

11 Mixed Metals

This year, interior designers are going crazy over metal home decors. You can mix up tin, gold, copper and silver. Tin panels are on trend and are popularly used as kitchen backsplash. You can also combine the metals to create a more diverse design. Brown and silver blend well just like gold and iron but make sure not to combine more than three different kinds of metal because it will create a messy look without balance.

There you have it, the top 11 home inspiration designs in 2020. Always remember when decorating your home, comfort must always go hand in hand with style. Even if you purchase the latest sofa design if it’s not comfortable to sit on you’re only wasting money. No matter what the trends are, always go back to your own personal style. Keep in mind that your home is a direct reflection of your individuality so don’t put too much pressure on yourself. If you love one particular design go ahead and do it regardless if it’s on trend or not.

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