How Do You Design A Teenager’s Room?

How Do You Design A Teenager’s Room?

Teenagers are capricious beings. One moment they’re all rainbows and butterflies and then the next thing you know they want bold and eccentric designs. The important thing to remember when doing a teenage room design project is to always go back to what they love or learn what they are extremely passionate about and work your way from there.

It would be a total disaster and not to mention a waste of time and energy if you work so hard on a teenage room design only to have it rejected by your clients because the design doesn’t reflect their son or daughter’s style. Obviously, when it comes to designing rooms the best way to know how to do it is to ask the teenager himself or herself. Set up a casual meeting and talk about their vision and what they want their room to look like. Get a feel of their personality and style and once you get a glimpse of their teenage life you’ll be able to come up with ideas of your own. Meanwhile, here are a few helpful teenage room designs to get you started. Click here to read smart ideas for teenage room designs.

1 Create A Timeless Design

The tricky part is to come up with a design that will last for years. You have to remember that being a teenager is just a phase and in the years to come their taste may change. When you design a room, consider their personality but at the same time think of ways to incorporate their wants and turn it into a design that they will still be able to appreciate in the years to come. In other words, discourage them from following trends but instead make them discover their own personal style. Remember that their bedroom is an expression of who they really are.

How Do You Design A Teenager’s Room?

2 Multifunctional Room

Designing a teenager’s room is so much different from an adult’s sleeping space. While adults use their bedroom as a place to relax after a tiring day at work, teenagers use their space to have fun with their friends, do their homework and so much more. When you design their room make sure there is an area for sleeping, an area where they can comfortably hang out with their friends and an area that’s conducive for studying. If the space is small you can simply improvise. To create an instant lounge area you can just throw in a rug in one corner of the room and add a few lamps and some decorative throw pillows. You can order a tailor-made study desk that has all the necessary drawers to store your school supplies.

3 Wall Designs That Stand Out

If you look up teenage room designs online you will find that most if not all rooms have bold wall designs. Majority of teenagers prefer geometric designs, bright and vibrant colors that remind them of the beach or their favorite inspirational words in lighted marquee signs.

When it comes to teenage room designs there are no cut and dried rules. It’s more on what they feel and what their personality is like. However, when you design make sure to keep these helpful tips in mind.

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