Design Trends of 2020

Design Trends of 2020

There’s no better time to update your home than at the start of the decade, right? After years of the same paint, furnishings, and decor a refresh is much needed. This guide details the hottest paint colors, decoration ideas, and trendiest furnishings.

Your home is your sanctuary — one that shouldn’t be drab or uncomfortable. Maximize the style, comfort, and utility of your home with these design trends of 2020!

Back into the 70s

There is no better trend to kick off these design trends than jumping back into the 70s. These were high-spirited, carefree, loving times — what perfect energy to bring into your home.

Back into the 70s

To inject 70s into your home use a vibrant color palette that includes orange, yellow, rusty red, blue, and brown. To liven up the energy in your home, strategically place house plants all around. Terrazzo, leopard print, and fringing are all styles that you can implement in your home. You can even go as far as implementing boho style interiors. To radiate a boho essence, layer brightly patterned, low lying furniture, distressed finds, bright colors, metallics, and botanicals.

Built-In Seating

Built-in seating is a functional design trend. It maximizes small spaces and can make for a cozy reading corner, extra seating, or an extra design element that catches the eye. The architectural design can get pretty unconventional in the best way.

This is a simple element that can elevate the functionality and individuality of your home.


Inspired by Grecian cave homes, arches add a playful more open aspect to any home. Arches can add a new shape to your interiors that layer nicely with the conventional shapes that you already have.

Ornate detailing on the arch makes even more of a statement.

Fat Furniture

Oversized furniture can be a statement piece. There is something comforting in resting on an oversized couch that engulfs your body. Inspired from the ‘70s, bulging sofas, divans, and chairs are even sometimes asymmetrical.

Oversized furniture have playful, imaginative, and fun qualities.

Curved Sofas

Speaking of sofas, curved sofas are making a comeback. These are ‘60s and ‘70s inspired unique pieces that can brighten up your living room. It is a vintage way to infuse comfort and coziness into your home also.

Symmetrical curves offer an inviting silhouette and prompt good conversation and good times.

Muted Green

Muted and sage green are the new on trend colors. Whether you implement the subdued color on entire walls, accent decor, or in furnishings, it will bring a relaxing presence to your home.

With green as the new neutral, the shade has the same refreshing and relaxing effect that house plants do. It is the subtle pop of color we didn’t know we were craving.

Its subtlety causes versatility in decoration — you can pair this color with almost any texture and several different colors.

If you’re not looking to completely transform your home, using it sparingly throughout a room can have the same impact, if not bigger, than a total redesign. From accent pillows to vases, flowers, art, and other trinkets, you can pull together a coherent muted green theme.

Modern Wood Paneling

Although you may cringe at the sound of wood, wood paneling is making a modern comeback. Although it may have screamed grandma in the past, wood paneling is marching on stage with authority and elegance.

Upscale hotels, like the Brach Hotel in Paris, are implementing this design feature throughout the buildings to give guests a rich yet homey space to stay.

Large wooden panels and intricately pleated panels alike radiate vibrancy and comfort.

Statement Tiles

Patterned and colored tiles are on-trend for 2020. To make a statement, you do not necessarily need a bold print or pattern. Instead, you can arrange tiles in an interesting pattern by incorporating layered texture, shape, and variation.

Subway tiles will be the epitome of modern design trends in 2020. Hexagonal shape tiles offer the platform for pattern play, monochrome, or illusive geometrical patterns. Geometric-patterned tiles like chevron or faceted tiles is sure to add life to any room. If you want to get really original, mosaic an entire bathroom or an entire wall.

Statement Tiles

Spanish and Moroccan tile, a personal favorite, is inspired by spa trends. Traditional Moroccan tiling uses a neutral color palette to allow the patterns to grab the attention. Matte finishes authenticate the look. Amongst neutral tones, these tiles can also come in earthy tones, interesting geometric shapes, and even stars and flowers.

Indoor Gardens

It seems as if more and more house plant enthusiasts are popping up left and right. There are even apps that provide personalized instructions on what your house plant needs to stay alive. Why not take that hobby to another level with an indoor garden?

Outdoor gardens are out. Indoor botanicals give your home life and freshness. This is especially great for modern city living where peoples’ need for nature is not fulfilled.

Hydroponics, or growing plants in water, sand or gravel, is another variation of indoor gardening.

Liven up your space…you can never nurture enough plants, why not do it in the comfort of your home?

Floral Wallpaper

Making a comeback, again, is floral wallpaper. Wallpaper has never gone out of fashion, but the prints have. An intimidating factor is how permanent it is — but design companies are getting innovative with their products by making removable, restickable wallpaper that is not a whole project in itself just to remove like traditional wallpaper is.

Floral wallpaper is surprisingly versatile. From bright bold and beautiful flowered prints to dainty muted-color florals, this type of wallpaper can adapt to any style of any room.

Color Pop Cabinets

Another trend of 2020 are cabinets with a pop of color. Matching is out. Elements with dimension to them, like a pop of color, bring life and zest to a space.

This is a perfect feature for the kitchen. Among the most popular styles are pantone blue, yellow, pastel pink, 70s inspired colors, and emerald green. These embody freshness and can easily reenergize your space for the new decade.

Earth Tones

Earth tones are a steadfast classic, but they are making a rebound in a big way in 2020. Several trends point towards natural living, with earth tones leading the resurgence.

This trend adds a calm peaceful feel to space. As more people become eco-friendly and more aware of the environment, these preferences correlate to the home as well. Warm tones can include champagne, ochre, amber, jade, and mushroom.


In contrast to the eco-friendly nature of 2020 trends, minimalism is out and maximalism is in. Maximalism is a reaction to the minimalist movement. To combat white walls and plain spaces, the decor of maximalism is big, bright, and busy. Layers of texture, color, collectibles, epoxy flooring, and eclectic furniture amplify a living area.

Maximalism is all about design, patterns, colors, shapes, textures all layered on top of each other to create a dramatic space. This philosophy in design is not intended to be an excuse to hoard items or overstuff rooms. It is a tasteful amount of objects and design that is curated and has recurrent themes and patterns.

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