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Looking For 2020 Home Decor Ideas For Your Home

If you are going to update the look of your home make sure you’ve kept yourself abreast of the latest home décor trends. Interior design is so vast. In fact, if you create and register for a Pinterest account to look for home décor inspirations you’ll end up even more confused than ever because the site is brimming with home design inspiration ideas. Homeowners who want to do the designing themselves usually end up frustrated, confused, disappointed and upset because they can’t make up their minds. If you don’t have a specific design in mind and if you’re still confused, perhaps these 2020 home decor inspiration ideas will help you come up with your own personal style.

1 Incorporating Vintage Finds

Home décor trends come and go but vintage finds are here to stay. Regardless of the theme of your home, incorporating one or two vintage items would make excellent home accent pieces. Obviously, you don’t want to overdo it unless you want your house to look like a museum. One to two vintage items are enough to upgrade the look of your living space.

2 The Color of the Year

Do you know what’s the 2020 Pantone Color of the Year? In case you’re unaware it is classic blue in navy. Luckily, navy blue is a very versatile color and not to mention it’s also highly sophisticated. According to interior designer Kerri Kelly who is the founder of Kerrie Kelly Design Lab, navy blue has the right amount of contrast for both exteriors and interiors and it will look perfect whether you’re going for a traditional style or a modern theme.

3 Floral Wallpaper

If you’re fond of watching classical movies you’ll observe that most of their home’s wallpapers have floral designs. Well, that design is making a comeback this year. Although floral wallpaper has been around for centuries you’ll be surprised to see them in most modern homes today. Back then, floral wallpaper designs were very limited. However, today, you’ll find a wide spectrum of designs that come in various colors. Floral wallpapers are popularly used in foyers and in powder rooms. The good news about wallpaper is that they are easy to remove in case you change your mind.

4 Kitchens In Different Colors

In 2010, most if not all households joined the bandwagon of the all-white kitchen trend and while it remains a timeless design, interior designers nowadays are bolder and are shifting toward other colors and materials to give kitchens a modern look. Today, you’ll find shelves, islands and kitchen cabinets made of natural wood. Homeowners who are going for an industrial vibe have also opted to paint their kitchens with black and gray hues. Nonetheless, they all still look beautiful.

5 Paint Cabinets With Colors That Standout

If you want to keep your white kitchen go ahead. Modern day homeowners have still adopted the all-white kitchen trend but with a twist, they’ve decided to leave the walls white but painted their kitchen cabinets, base cabinets and kitchen island with their favorite colors. Interior designers love to experiment with daring colors. You can give navy blue, bright yellow, lime green or dark red a try. You can find window and door installation near me to get professional assistance for cabinets and doors ideas.

6 Kitchen Art

Do you love art? If you’ve been collecting art home decors we’re pretty sure you’ve displayed them in your living room and bedroom. In 2020, homeowners are adding pieces of artwork in their kitchen. Go ahead and give it a try.

7 Add Texture To Your Home

Home design trends in 2020 are not only concerned about color, texture is just as important. Layering textures in your choice of home decors will make a great contrast if your living space has a monochrome theme. Some homeowners are not too keen on having a lot of colors in their homes so instead of adding any more color you can just simply opt to use different textures. Add jars, blankets, cushions, and plants to bring beauty to your living rooms.

8 Love For Velvet

Let’s face it, not everyone is a fan of velvet but this year velvet is included in the 2020 home design trends. Velvet offers both comfort and luxury. The amazing thing about velvet is that furniture manufacturers are introducing various velvet design options and they come in different colors like orange, mustard, taupe, shades of blue, green and red.

Looking For 2020 Home Decor Ideas For Your Home

9 Geometric Patterns

It’s safe to say geometric patterns will never go out of style. It has been on trend for many years yet even until today you’ll see restaurants, shops and homes adopting geometric pattern interiors. In fact, they are so popular that you’ll find them on lighting fixtures, home decors, floors, art, bedding, couches, they are virtually everywhere. You can choose a specific area in your home for your geometric patterns to make a statement.

10 Colorful Backsplash

Give your kitchen a fresh new look by adding a colorful and vibrant backsplash. You can use bold colors or patterned tiles as long as they make a statement. Trust us, you will fall in love with the outcome!

11 Mixed Metals

This year, interior designers are going crazy over metal home decors. You can mix up tin, gold, copper and silver. Tin panels are on trend and are popularly used as kitchen backsplash. You can also combine the metals to create a more diverse design. Brown and silver blend well just like gold and iron but make sure not to combine more than three different kinds of metal because it will create a messy look without balance.

There you have it, the top 11 home inspiration designs in 2020. Always remember when decorating your home, comfort must always go hand in hand with style. Even if you purchase the latest sofa design if it’s not comfortable to sit on you’re only wasting money. No matter what the trends are, always go back to your own personal style. Keep in mind that your home is a direct reflection of your individuality so don’t put too much pressure on yourself. If you love one particular design go ahead and do it regardless if it’s on trend or not.

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How Do You Design A Teenager’s Room?

Teenagers are capricious beings. One moment they’re all rainbows and butterflies and then the next thing you know they want bold and eccentric designs. The important thing to remember when doing a teenage room design project is to always go back to what they love or learn what they are extremely passionate about and work your way from there.

It would be a total disaster and not to mention a waste of time and energy if you work so hard on a teenage room design only to have it rejected by your clients because the design doesn’t reflect their son or daughter’s style. Obviously, when it comes to designing rooms the best way to know how to do it is to ask the teenager himself or herself. Set up a casual meeting and talk about their vision and what they want their room to look like. Get a feel of their personality and style and once you get a glimpse of their teenage life you’ll be able to come up with ideas of your own. Meanwhile, here are a few helpful teenage room designs to get you started. Click here to read smart ideas for teenage room designs.

1 Create A Timeless Design

The tricky part is to come up with a design that will last for years. You have to remember that being a teenager is just a phase and in the years to come their taste may change. When you design a room, consider their personality but at the same time think of ways to incorporate their wants and turn it into a design that they will still be able to appreciate in the years to come. In other words, discourage them from following trends but instead make them discover their own personal style. Remember that their bedroom is an expression of who they really are.

How Do You Design A Teenager’s Room?

2 Multifunctional Room

Designing a teenager’s room is so much different from an adult’s sleeping space. While adults use their bedroom as a place to relax after a tiring day at work, teenagers use their space to have fun with their friends, do their homework and so much more. When you design their room make sure there is an area for sleeping, an area where they can comfortably hang out with their friends and an area that’s conducive for studying. If the space is small you can simply improvise. To create an instant lounge area you can just throw in a rug in one corner of the room and add a few lamps and some decorative throw pillows. You can order a tailor-made study desk that has all the necessary drawers to store your school supplies.

3 Wall Designs That Stand Out

If you look up teenage room designs online you will find that most if not all rooms have bold wall designs. Majority of teenagers prefer geometric designs, bright and vibrant colors that remind them of the beach or their favorite inspirational words in lighted marquee signs.

When it comes to teenage room designs there are no cut and dried rules. It’s more on what they feel and what their personality is like. However, when you design make sure to keep these helpful tips in mind.

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Smart Ideas For Teenage Girl’s Room

Do you know that one of the most challenging projects of interior designers is designing teenage girls’ rooms? Most people think girls are drawn to pink unicorns and yellow flowers but that’s not the case. Today, teenage girls are so diverse that you can no longer generalize them unlike before. Whether you’re a designer yourself or you simply want to design your daughter’s room it helps to know a few things.

There are girls who love to follow home designs trends, girls who have their own personal style, girls who worship social media influencers and famous celebrities, girls who love arts, girls who prefer dark and gothic designs, girls who prefer loud and bold colors and girls who prefer classic designs.

How do you know what type of design to go for?

Basically, when designing teenage girls’ rooms or any room for that matter the best way to create a design they will definitely love is to simply ask them what they want. So, the first step is to talk to the teenager and ask them what theme they want for their bedroom. If they can’t decide you can offer your options. However, since there are a gazillion possible designs you can actually narrow down your options by learning their interests and hobbies. Once you get an idea, you’ll be able to present a few designs that they may like.

When they have decided on a theme, check to see if the colors complement each other. You can offer some suggestions but ultimately their desires will precede yours. Basically, when designing the teenage girl’s room all you have to concern about is the layout, the colors and more importantly the closet.

Smart Ideas For Teenage Girl's Room

Generally, girls have a lot of things! They have clothes, shoes, jewelry, and whatnot. Therefore, the storage space is very important. If your storage space is not enough there will be clutter everywhere and that will ruin the aesthetics of the room. Closet space is also very important. Before you begin with the project have a good look at how much stuff she has in her room and ask for her opinions on what she wants to do with it.

Remember that most teenagers go to their bedroom to escape the world. It’s safe to say their bedroom is their refuge – their safe sanctuary. If it’s cluttered, messy and chaotic they won’t be able to relax and rest well instead they’ll feel agitated. Another important feature in the teenage girl’s room aside from the closet is their vanity dresser. If the space is small you can place it in between cabinets on the wall. However, make sure there are enough drawers to compartmentalize their things. Girls love makeup; jewelry, accessories and they love to collect nail polish. To keep all these stuff organized, better make sure they have separate storage spaces.

Find the right lighting fixtures to enhance the design of the room. Also, make sure the sheets will blend beautifully with the colors of the wall. All in all, designing teenage girls’ rooms albeit challenging is actually a lot of fun.

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Home Decorating Ideas On A Budget

Everyone dreams of living in a beautiful home and guess what, you can make it happen if you really want to. Actually, most people think that beautifying their homes requires thousands of dollars but this is further from the truth. It actually depends on how creative and resourceful you are. Not all home décor ideas will leave you broke. Even if you are the most parsimonious person in your neighborhood you can still create a beautiful living space for you and your family, check out some home design trends of 2020 at /design-trends-of-2020/. We’ll show you how.

1 Clean and Organize

Clutter can make any home unsightly. It’s possible that your home is beautiful as it is but because it hasn’t been cleaned in a long time, it looks like it has been abandoned. One simple way to bring back your home’s beauty is to schedule a big Spring clean. Clean and organize your home. Remove all objects that are no longer useful. You can sell them, donate them or throw them in the trash. The decision is up to you but we highly recommend you get rid of things that you haven’t used in a while. You’ll be amazed at the transformation just by simply cleaning your space.

2 Paint Your Walls

Again, home decor ideas don’t have to be expensive. You don’t need to break the bank in order to do a major home renovation to transform the look of your living space. One of the most inexpensive home decor ideas that will do wonders to your home is updating the color of your walls. If you have enough cash to spare you can hire professional painters to do it but if you think you can do it on your own then go ahead. You can save a lot of money if you go for the latter but just make sure you know what you’re doing.

Home Decorating Ideas On A Budget

3 Update Your Sofa With A Slipcover

Slipcovers are becoming more and more popular today and you can find them in almost all stores. In fact, you can even buy them online. Frugal homeowners will save a lot of money if they purchase slipcovers instead of actually buying new furniture. Slipcovers come in a wide array of styles, designs and colors. We’re sure you’ll find something you’ll love.

4 Add Potted Plants and Greens Indoors

Studies show that people feel more relaxed when they see nature or anything that’s related to it. If you don’t have enough space in your home for an indoor garden or if you don’t have the budget to maintain it, you can opt for potted plants. Potted plants are excellent home décor ideas that will surely enhance the ambiance of your home. You can also try adding synthetic grass to add more hints of green in your home.

5 Hang Framed Photos On Your Wall

Do you have a bare wall in your home that you don’t know what to do with? Framed artwork can be expensive. If you’re on a budget you can print photos of you and your family, frame them and hang them on your wall like a collage. Make sure the colors of the frame are the same for coherence.

There you have it, cost-effective, budget-friendly home décor ideas to give your home that much needed upgrade for less!

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Design Trends of 2020

There’s no better time to update your home than at the start of the decade, right? After years of the same paint, furnishings, and decor a refresh is much needed. This guide details the hottest paint colors, decoration ideas, and trendiest furnishings.

Your home is your sanctuary — one that shouldn’t be drab or uncomfortable. Maximize the style, comfort, and utility of your home with these design trends of 2020!

Back into the 70s

There is no better trend to kick off these design trends than jumping back into the 70s. These were high-spirited, carefree, loving times — what perfect energy to bring into your home.

Back into the 70s

To inject 70s into your home use a vibrant color palette that includes orange, yellow, rusty red, blue, and brown. To liven up the energy in your home, strategically place house plants all around. Terrazzo, leopard print, and fringing are all styles that you can implement in your home. You can even go as far as implementing boho style interiors. To radiate a boho essence, layer brightly patterned, low lying furniture, distressed finds, bright colors, metallics, and botanicals.

Built-In Seating

Built-in seating is a functional design trend. It maximizes small spaces and can make for a cozy reading corner, extra seating, or an extra design element that catches the eye. The architectural design can get pretty unconventional in the best way.

This is a simple element that can elevate the functionality and individuality of your home.


Inspired by Grecian cave homes, arches add a playful more open aspect to any home. Arches can add a new shape to your interiors that layer nicely with the conventional shapes that you already have.

Ornate detailing on the arch makes even more of a statement.

Fat Furniture

Oversized furniture can be a statement piece. There is something comforting in resting on an oversized couch that engulfs your body. Inspired from the ‘70s, bulging sofas, divans, and chairs are even sometimes asymmetrical.

Oversized furniture have playful, imaginative, and fun qualities.

Curved Sofas

Speaking of sofas, curved sofas are making a comeback. These are ‘60s and ‘70s inspired unique pieces that can brighten up your living room. It is a vintage way to infuse comfort and coziness into your home also.

Symmetrical curves offer an inviting silhouette and prompt good conversation and good times.

Muted Green

Muted and sage green are the new on trend colors. Whether you implement the subdued color on entire walls, accent decor, or in furnishings, it will bring a relaxing presence to your home.

With green as the new neutral, the shade has the same refreshing and relaxing effect that house plants do. It is the subtle pop of color we didn’t know we were craving.

Its subtlety causes versatility in decoration — you can pair this color with almost any texture and several different colors.

If you’re not looking to completely transform your home, using it sparingly throughout a room can have the same impact, if not bigger, than a total redesign. From accent pillows to vases, flowers, art, and other trinkets, you can pull together a coherent muted green theme.

Modern Wood Paneling

Although you may cringe at the sound of wood, wood paneling is making a modern comeback. Although it may have screamed grandma in the past, wood paneling is marching on stage with authority and elegance.

Upscale hotels, like the Brach Hotel in Paris, are implementing this design feature throughout the buildings to give guests a rich yet homey space to stay.

Large wooden panels and intricately pleated panels alike radiate vibrancy and comfort.

Statement Tiles

Patterned and colored tiles are on-trend for 2020. To make a statement, you do not necessarily need a bold print or pattern. Instead, you can arrange tiles in an interesting pattern by incorporating layered texture, shape, and variation.

Subway tiles will be the epitome of modern design trends in 2020. Hexagonal shape tiles offer the platform for pattern play, monochrome, or illusive geometrical patterns. Geometric-patterned tiles like chevron or faceted tiles is sure to add life to any room. If you want to get really original, mosaic an entire bathroom or an entire wall.

Statement Tiles

Spanish and Moroccan tile, a personal favorite, is inspired by spa trends. Traditional Moroccan tiling uses a neutral color palette to allow the patterns to grab the attention. Matte finishes authenticate the look. Amongst neutral tones, these tiles can also come in earthy tones, interesting geometric shapes, and even stars and flowers.

Indoor Gardens

It seems as if more and more house plant enthusiasts are popping up left and right. There are even apps that provide personalized instructions on what your house plant needs to stay alive. Why not take that hobby to another level with an indoor garden?

Outdoor gardens are out. Indoor botanicals give your home life and freshness. This is especially great for modern city living where peoples’ need for nature is not fulfilled.

Hydroponics, or growing plants in water, sand or gravel, is another variation of indoor gardening.

Liven up your space…you can never nurture enough plants, why not do it in the comfort of your home?

Floral Wallpaper

Making a comeback, again, is floral wallpaper. Wallpaper has never gone out of fashion, but the prints have. An intimidating factor is how permanent it is — but design companies are getting innovative with their products by making removable, restickable wallpaper that is not a whole project in itself just to remove like traditional wallpaper is.

Floral wallpaper is surprisingly versatile. From bright bold and beautiful flowered prints to dainty muted-color florals, this type of wallpaper can adapt to any style of any room.

Color Pop Cabinets

Another trend of 2020 are cabinets with a pop of color. Matching is out. Elements with dimension to them, like a pop of color, bring life and zest to a space.

This is a perfect feature for the kitchen. Among the most popular styles are pantone blue, yellow, pastel pink, 70s inspired colors, and emerald green. These embody freshness and can easily reenergize your space for the new decade.

Earth Tones

Earth tones are a steadfast classic, but they are making a rebound in a big way in 2020. Several trends point towards natural living, with earth tones leading the resurgence.

This trend adds a calm peaceful feel to space. As more people become eco-friendly and more aware of the environment, these preferences correlate to the home as well. Warm tones can include champagne, ochre, amber, jade, and mushroom.


In contrast to the eco-friendly nature of 2020 trends, minimalism is out and maximalism is in. Maximalism is a reaction to the minimalist movement. To combat white walls and plain spaces, the decor of maximalism is big, bright, and busy. Layers of texture, color, collectibles, epoxy flooring, and eclectic furniture amplify a living area.

Maximalism is all about design, patterns, colors, shapes, textures all layered on top of each other to create a dramatic space. This philosophy in design is not intended to be an excuse to hoard items or overstuff rooms. It is a tasteful amount of objects and design that is curated and has recurrent themes and patterns.

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5 Must-Have Tips for Cleaning Epoxy Floors

Epoxy floors are known to be extremely strong, resilient, and durable that’s why they’re ideal for areas that are constantly subjected to the brutal treatment of high pedestrian traffic, caustic chemicals, heavy shock, heat, moisture, and other harmful elements. Moreover, when it comes to ease of maintenance, it’s tough to beat epoxy flooring systems. This is perhaps one of the biggest reasons why countless folks out there choose epoxy floors for their residential, commercial, and industrial spaces. Although these floors can truly make cleaning a breeze, you’ll still need to be aware of some basic cleaning tips that would help you keep your epoxy floors in tiptop shape for many years to come. 

Ground Rules for Epoxy Floor Maintenance

Steer clear of soap-based cleaners

Did you know that soap-based cleaners tend to leave an unsightly haze on the surface of your epoxy floors? Continuous use of these products will cause the haze to build up over the course of time. Instead of using soap-based cleaners, switch to a mop or a sturdy brush. If you’re dealing with tougher spills, you may use a soft soap.

Don’t allow spills to sit for too long

If you spot oil, antifreeze, and other caustic car chemicals on the surface, be sure to wipe them down right away with a paper towel or a shop towel. Although epoxy flooring systems are known to be resilient to chemicals, this doesn’t mean that you should just allow those abrasive chemical substances to sit on the surface of your shiny floors for far too long. Once you’re done wiping the spills up, don’t forget to properly dispose of the dirty towels, too.

Spot clean

If there’s one thing you need to know about epoxy flooring, it’s the fact that they’re highly resistant to liquids. However, if your little ones got something spilled or tracked in, you’ll need to use a shop vac to vacuum it up in order to get rid of all traces of dirt and the grime, read more about shop vac at Next, you can use warm water and a mop to clean the area.

Use a clear ammonia-water mix for heavily soiled epoxy floors.

For epoxy floors that have become extremely dirty, you’ll need to sweep the entire floor area before you vacuum its surfaces. Be sure to remove all items that may get in the way while you’re trying to get rid of all the dirt, grit, and grime with the use of hot water and a hard foam mop. Finish it all up by mixing 2 to 3 ounces of clear ammonia per gallon of hot or warm water for the second mopping of your epoxy flooring system.

Avoid using steel wool or citrus or acid cleaning compounds.

At some point, you may encounter stubborn stains on your epoxy flooring such as rust. Don’t even think about using abrasive tools such as steel wool or chemicals that include comet. Instead, you may use a scrubbing brush or a pad that’s moderately abrasive, as well as a soft-scrub. Keep in mind that using any type of cleaning compound that contains acid or citrus elements will eventually cause damage to your epoxy floors by breaking down their epoxy catalyst.

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